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Some more poetry

We invite you to sample the latest poem written by Ben Teuten, the Bard of Brookes, and based upon our tweet: “Life is just like a ball game, you mustn’t be afraid to miss.” Read it here. Enjoy!

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Life is just like a ball game, you mustn’t be afraid to miss

Those mistakes we’ve made.Each individual failure, Carnivorous.A regret, a guilt, a reminder of our faults,A chawing pain deep within us. Each unique flaw, each unique blemish,residing on one’s heart string,a droplet of remorse,Reminds us we are human… Human people make mistakes. The acknowledgment you’ve made.The understanding where one’s gone wrong.A step towards maturity, self-appreciation,Where a….

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New Poetry

We invite you to sample 2 new poems written by the emerging talent: Ben Teuten, the Bard of Brookes. Enjoy! My Sanctuary One Direction

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One Direction

The bitter taste of fear, acidic,The sweat of nervousness across the brow,The harsh intake of a cigarette,The building regret of that sullen vow.Word by word he recounts his promise,Those harrowing lines echo in force,Yet the storm clouds ahead are amiable,Against the pit of depression if he retracts his course. A deep ache throbs his bones,A….

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My Sanctuary

I find my sanctuary in those arms,a peace and presence that can quell my fears,That lingering touch which halts all harm,The knowledge that you’re there dries my tears.The delicate wings flutter inside,An anxiety whose key you hold,That lingering touch which I confide,My heart is yours to embrace and control. I find my sanctuary in those….

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Emergency Coaching

Recently, I was called in at short notice to interview members of the sales teams in a major media company, which was changing from a linear to a matrix management system. Prior to this engagement, I had worked with a global IT corporation providing business network solutions following a similar restructure, so I had plenty….

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