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Integrity offers a service tailored to the needs of the individual and provides the best return on training against £s invested

Developing client relationships for more than 20 years

Integrity Limited is happy to help anybody, small or large, as demonstrated by the client and consultation list:

Adestra Limited: 1:1 Managerial mentoring.

Aros Capital Partners: Affinity marketing.

Aurén & Company: Managerial and merging mentoring.

Elisabet Baldwin Connects: Inspiration.

BBC: Executive coaching.

Bikers Legal Defence Group: Series of trainings to meet FSA requirements; exit interviews; managerial coaching.

BMW GB Ltd.: Professional Supervision (Communication, Leadership, Planning and Teamwork).

B.T.: Managerial mentoring, career development planning and coaching.

Business Systems Limited: Recruitment.

CDE Global Ltd.: Managerial mentoring.

COLT Technology Services: Organising guest speaker forums, Develop competency frameworks, Personal Development Plans and bespoke coaching.

CVS Ltd: Mystery shops, professional customer care handling, workshops, training and coaching.

F M Conway Ltd: Managerial mentoring & internal sales.

Excalibur LPA Ltd.: On the street sales training.

20th Century Fox: Senior executive coaching & managing conflict.

Fullers Logistics Ltd: Increased personal effectiveness; sales for non-sales people.

Goodwille Ltd: Assertiveness in the workplace.

Hamlie, Hopkins Pearce Ltd.: Finance for non-financial staff.

IKEA Limited: Sales, time management, skills assessment, management skills coaching.

Environmental Transport Association: Sales and assertiveness, team development and management coaching.

Fraikin (previously known as Transfleet): Sales, managerial mentoring.

kcom: Managerial mentoring.

Robert Lamb & Co. Ltd.: Sales for non-sales people; personal development mentoring.

Logicalis Ltd: Sales and general management mentoring.

Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd: Pro-active telephone canvassing, executive coaching.

New Look Retailers Ltd.: Managerial mentoring.

Nordea Bank: Managerial mentoring.

Oil Pollution Services Ltd: Managerial mentoring, connections and networking.

H R Owen Limited: Affinity marketing.

Paneltex Limited: General management mentoring.

Porsche Mid-Sussex: Managerial mentoring.

Private Public Ltd.: Diversification development.

Qustodian: Connectivity.

SAS (Statistical Analysis Systems): Managerial mentoring; sales development and team coaching.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce: Handling cultural differences for profit.

United Airlines: Upward management mentoring.

Virgin Airlines: Management mentoring.

Yahoo!:  Executive coaching through cultural change.

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What our clients say...

I have been the beneficiary of Integrity's input on and off over the last fourteen years and on many occasions they have helped me see through the morass of every day communication to a clear way forward. Highly recommended.

Jon Collins, F M Conway Ltd

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