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Supporting Sahrawi camps, Western Sahara

We are delighted to help Martin Dewhurst of New Dawn Rovers (visit facebook) in his quest to deliver 100 sponsored food kits to the Sahrawi camps, Western Sahara, in October. Tri-lingual translation services are required and we have put Martin in touch with the excellent appointments bi-language  

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Ferrari 458 Spider Launch

An Evening celebrating the Pioneering Spirit of Ferrari. The Launch of the Ferrari 458 Spider will take place at: H R Owen, 125 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3RP Thursday 22nd March, 2012 from 7pm – 10pm.  

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From Mike Dooley – author of Notes from the Universe – recommended writer and speaker

‘When you finally get that call, meet that person, walk that walk, and live that dream, my friend, do you think you’ll even care that there were a few dark and scary moments in a journey that made them all possible? Trust me, you won’t even remember.’ The Universe

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Trans Africa Challenge

Long-standing Integrity Limited customer, Commercial Vehicle Solutions (C.V.S.) would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to sponsors, Close Bros PLC and Planet Rock Radio, for taking up Corporate Sponsorship packages for the Trans Africa Challenge. If you would like your brand to take up the challenge of supporting the Rally, please go to….

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I am whole, perfect and strong

Ben Teuten, the Bard of Brookes, has been waxing lyrical once more. He has written a very powerful poem based on the maxim: I am whole, perfect and strong, Powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I learned this from my Victorian grandmother, back in the ‘Fifties. Interestingly, it was quoted in Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ in….

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I am whole, perfect and strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy

When the storm clouds seem imminent,A blanket of depression looming overhead.When the sky clashes and smears negativity in your eyesight.Look inwards and find your source of determination. When the cage of pressure retracts,And the feeling of claustrophobia strangles your last breath.When the world weighs down your tired shoulders.Look inwards and find your source of motivation. ….

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Some more poetry

We invite you to sample the latest poem written by Ben Teuten, the Bard of Brookes, and based upon our tweet: “Life is just like a ball game, you mustn’t be afraid to miss.” Read it here. Enjoy!

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Life is just like a ball game, you mustn’t be afraid to miss

Those mistakes we’ve made.Each individual failure, Carnivorous.A regret, a guilt, a reminder of our faults,A chawing pain deep within us. Each unique flaw, each unique blemish,residing on one’s heart string,a droplet of remorse,Reminds us we are human… Human people make mistakes. The acknowledgment you’ve made.The understanding where one’s gone wrong.A step towards maturity, self-appreciation,Where a….

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New Poetry

We invite you to sample 2 new poems written by the emerging talent: Ben Teuten, the Bard of Brookes. Enjoy! My Sanctuary One Direction

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One Direction

The bitter taste of fear, acidic,The sweat of nervousness across the brow,The harsh intake of a cigarette,The building regret of that sullen vow.Word by word he recounts his promise,Those harrowing lines echo in force,Yet the storm clouds ahead are amiable,Against the pit of depression if he retracts his course. A deep ache throbs his bones,A….

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