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We offer Business Development programmes for business owners and their teams to change themselves quickly into more successful organisms.

Change and grow your business with Integrity Limited

We provide a very personal service and you will enjoy the opportunity, through individual interview, to identify your Skills Gaps which are then agreed with relevant parties – support within the workplace is essential. Skilled in deep questioning, we are able to get to the root of the problems quickly yet gently.

We run workshops and personal coaching or mentoring sessions to address these deficiencies and work together to construct a positive way forward through development and improvement. Such programmes are designed to fit the time and staffing constraints of the client company – we fit in with you, including weekends!

A follow-up interview is carried out to review an agree progress, clarify any areas of doubt and identify further areas in need of development, if any.

A typical Integrity Limited Development Programme

The easiest way to explain what we do and how we can help your business is to show you a typical Integrity Limited Development Proposal.

The goal

We start with a goal, something to work towards throughout the programme. Something like:

"To make YourCo the most respected and successful investment fund, well-known & much-loved by its clientèle."

The programme

Next we go through each area of development work that we see essential to reaching the goal agreed at the start. This will include details of specific topics to be covered, methods of training & development and suggested actions that will benefit what we are trying to achieve:

Presentation & Selling Skills
To be instilled across the company - everyone is a potential salesperson - we are all always selling and closing. This applies to face-to-face contact, telephone and written communication. 
We shall examine, amongst other things:
  • Opening and closing the sale or interview
  • Creating rapport
  • Handling objections
  • Gaining commitment
  • ...
Customers, Profile & Targeted Effort
One cannot always guarantee Results, but one can guarantee Effort. It is essential that Effort is pointed in the right direction. We shall devise an easily-monitored 'sales plan' which tells us quickly to which sectors of the market our efforts are going and what effect they are having.
We shall connect with other active parties in the affinity/co-marketing world. We may create a 'showcase' of YourCo benefits and target those events where we may demonstrate them most effectively. 
Networking & Connections
With 25 years of commercial consultancy experience, we have many connections in a myriad of business areas. If we don't know someone, we know 'a man who does'. 
We shall introduce YourCo to such parties. Ultimately, we shall create a network of approx. 2 dozen individuals who know and respect YourCo oabove all else.

Obviously this is a much abbreviated version of a full proposal however we hope it gives you a feel for what we do.


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What our clients say...

I have been the beneficiary of Integrity's input on and off over the last fourteen years and on many occasions they have helped me see through the morass of every day communication to a clear way forward. Highly recommended.

Jon Collins, F M Conway Ltd

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