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I am whole, perfect and strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy

When the storm clouds seem imminent,
A blanket of depression looming overhead.
When the sky clashes and smears negativity in your eyesight.
Look inwards and find your source of determination.

When the cage of pressure retracts,
And the feeling of claustrophobia strangles your last breath.
When the world weighs down your tired shoulders.
Look inwards and find your source of motivation. 

Immovable boulders will be thrown in your path,
Twists and turns will muddle your steady walk.
Destinations will evaporate and reappear
Seemingly further and further away.

When a frown masks your fatigued face,
And a smile aches your tired muscles.
When hope’s faint light diminishes,
And darkness clogs your every move.
When monotony and stress regurgitate
Your daily cycle.
Look deep inwards,
Find your source of strength,
For remember we are all masters of our destiny.

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